We have tried our best to answer some of the most common questions we receive from interested and current patients. Please read below for answers to these questions.

1. Do you bill or work with insurance?

In order to provide the most timely and comprehensive care possible we do not work directly with medical insurance companies. We provide our patients (within the state of Virginia) with super-bills including CPT and ICD 10 codes that you can submit to your insurance company or other cost sharing network to seek reimbursement for our services. Some of the functional laboratory testing companies we utilize have partnered with insurance compmanies (including Medicare) and you may be able to have a portion of such tests covered under your current insurance plan.

2. What types of services do you provide outside of the Functional Medicine Intake?

We provide multiple types of services to fit a variety of individual needs including annual memberships, comprehensive care packages and as needed appointments.

3. Do I need to come to the Charlottesville office for all of my appointments?

No, we offer both in-person and telemedicine appointments, serving those in and outside the state of Virginia.

4. Do you accept FSA or HSA funds?

Our patients are able to use their flexible spending and health savings account funds for our services. Our practitioners can provide letters, superbills and any documentation required by your HSA/FSA in order to utilize those funds for our medical services.