Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services do you provide?

We provide multiple types of services to fit a variety of individual needs including our comprehensive intake combining the integrative medicine services of Dr. Abbott and the dietary and lifestyle guidance of functional nutritionist Ryan Hall, CNS as well as consultation packages with Dr. Abbott or Ryan Hall, CNS individuals.

Why do I need a functional nutritionist?

A functional nutritionist is someone who strives to use food, supplementation and lifestyle practices to help you heal from dis-ease or to obtain optimization. As these are the primary interventions used in functional medicine a functional nutritionist is a primary component in the implementation of a functional medicine intervention. In essence a functional nutritionist uses the previously prescribed elements as a medical doctor would medications.

Does Dr. Abbott provide primary care services?

While Dr. Abbott provides his patients with comprehensive preventative and on-going care needs, he is unable to provide all the services of a traditional family medicine clinic and encourages patients to maintain a relationship with a Primary Care Physician.

Do you bill or work with insurance?

Given the tremendous administrative and time burden required to participate with commercial health insurance payers, Resilient Roots does not bill insurance companies. We can provide patients, however, with standardized CMS 1500 forms that you can submit to your commercial insurer to seek reimbursements for our clinical services.

Do you accept Medicare?

No. We do not participate with Medicare. While we can provide CMS 1500 forms for patients with commercial (non-Medicare) insurance, we are legally unable to provide patients with Medicare, CMS 1500 or similar forms for reimbursement purposes. Patients with Medicare, however, may have certain functional testing such as stool testing and specialized nutritional testing covered by Medicare.

Do you accept FSA or HSA funds?

Our patients are able to use their flexible spending and health savings account funds for our services including lab testing. Our practitioners can provide letters and any documentation required by your HSA/FSA in order to utilize those funds for our medical services including medically recommended supplements.

Do you bill insurance for lab testing?

No. We do not bill insurance for routine lab testing through Quest Diagnostics. Commercial insurance does not cover all of the lab tests Dr. Abbott orders as part of your care at Resilient Roots. Investments for lab orders vary depending on the volume of tests ordered. An initial comprehensive panel of blood tests that includes 25+ markers is usually ~$250-275.

Are labs covered in the cost of the initial consults?

No. The cost of labs are an extra cost and not included in the price of the initial or other consults.

Do I need to come to the Charlottesville office for all of my appointments?

No, we offer both in-person and telemedicine appointments, serving those in and outside the state of Virginia.

Where are you located? Where can I park?

Resilient Roots is located in a 2nd floor suite inside of the West Park Plaza building accessed off Rio Rd W. There is ample parking adjacent to the building and additional spots at the front entrance.