It all started with a simple stroll in the local Charlottesville farmer’s market in late April 2017. I (Dr. Abbott) was walking around trying to find some herbs and vegetables when I stumbled upon a booth displaying some of the most amazing appearing baked goods I had ever seen.

And this is still an understatement.

After a quick conversation with the woman at the booth, I quickly discovered that these baked goods were not just your average muffin.

Not even close.

Gluten-free, handcrafted goods made from sprouted grains using only the most nutritious ingredients.

The artistry itself was absolutely astonishing, and the taste was out of this world.

After picking out a few goods to sample, I noticed some business cards on the table speaking of ancestral and evolutionary nutrition.

I was intrigued.

Speaking to the woman behind these magical goods, I quickly found out that her husband, Ryan Hall, was the man behind this functional nutrition endeavor.

It was clear.

We needed to be friends.

Upon returning home, It took all of 8 minutes to send Ryan an email saying we needed to be friends.
As Ryan tells it, my rather presumptuous and upfront email worked.

And the next week we were talking.

It’s been many months since this first encounter and our passions for health have only grown, culminating now in the formation of Resilient Roots: Functional and Evolutionary Medicine.

Our mission?

To provide our patients with a healing experience rooted in wholism that addresses the fundamental causes of their ailments and allows each individual to not only restore his or her health but do so in a manner that is authentic to one’s values, purpose, and greater spiritual needs.

In order to do this, we have realized we must operate in a very different manner than your traditional doctor’s office.

In order to achieve the highest level of care, we simply cannot function within the current medical system confines.

We have sought another path.

At Resilient Roots we spend hours with each patient, going through an individual’s life and medical history, digging to the core of what is contributing to one’s illness.

We utilize functional blood testing that is provided at cost without insurance or middleman markup.

We perform advanced diagnostic testing seeking to unearth the roots behind the most troublesome symptoms.

We develop personalized protocols that include nutritional guidance, lifestyle support, and herbal and nutraceutical supplements to help rebalance and restore the body with the raw materials needed to heal.

We speak directly with you through our direct messaging patient platform.

No waiting for front office staff, no delays on appointments. Just access to your collaborative team when you need us.

We are not your current doctor’s office.

We aren’t trying to be.

We are your team, your collaborative, dedicated to providing you the resources and support you need to heal from chronic illness.

Are you with us?

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