We believe that a true healing relationship takes trust and commitment from all involved. We value your time, finances and health concerns, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident in working with our Resilient Roots collaborative care team.

To allow the adequate time and space necessary for this to happen, our new patient intake process incorporates a series of personalized consultations to allow us to get to know each other, and to answer any questions you have about our functional and evolutionary approach to medicine and wellness.

New Patient Options:

  • Introductory On-Boarding Session | $50

  • Comprehensive Functional Medicine Intake Package | $1575

Introductory On-Boarding Session


  • 20-minute introductory phone consultation with a Resilient Roots practitioner

Session Details
The first step in your work with the Resilient Roots collaborative care team is a 20-minute phone consultation to allow us to get to know you, talk through our services, and explain the benefits of our collaborative approach to wellness.

During this appointment, a Resilient Roots practitioner will ask about your primary health concerns, reasons for seeking our services, your current health and support resources, and your capacity to partner with us in restoring or maintaining your health. We will also answer any questions you have about our intake process and what it looks like to be a valued patient under our Resilient Roots collaborative model of care.

Following this introductory phone consultation, you can then schedule your in-person, 90-minute functional intake consultation, and your follow-up case review appointment, within the Comprehensive Functional Medicine Intake Package.

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Intake Package

Part I ($800)

  • Comprehensive Intake Questionnaire, Data Collection and Medical Record Review (Resilient Roots care team)

    • The Resilient Roots team will complete an initial case review of any provided past medical records and previous laboratory data. They will review your comprehensive 15-page intake questionnaire and 3-diet diary as well as quantify your nutritional intake. They will acquire, at your authorization, previous medical records from any of your current or past practitioners and perform a preliminary review of these records if obtained prior to your first visit.

  • Functional Intake Initial Consultation (2.5 hour in-person visit)

    • During your first visit you will be meet with both members of the Resilient Roots care team together to explore all aspects of your life story and the intake questionnaire. Following the completion of a nutritionally focused physical exam, you will work with the Resilient Roots team to create your individualized lifestyle treatment plan including personalized nutritional/dietary recommendations. You will also be provided with personalized laboratory testing requisition forms and testing kits to complete following the visit.

Part II ($775) - Approximately 4 weeks later

  • Comprehensive Second Patient Case Review (Resilient Roots care team)

    • The Resilient Roots team will review all the findings from your initial consultation visit, your progress following your first visit, the results from your initial laboratory testing and any further obtained medical records to create a comprehensive therapeutic treatment plan personalized for your needs.

  • Initial Follow-up Appointment (1.5 hour in-person or virtual visit)

    • During this visit, you will discuss elements of the Resilient Roots team case review, your progress to date, your recommended treatment plan, and the next steps to take as a patient with Resilient Roots. You will have the opportunity to review in-depth with our team of practitioners any new lab results, personalize your treatment plan, discuss and pursue further testing if needed, and discuss any other supplemental and supportive treatment modalities.

    • You will also have the opportunity to purchase a membership package and map out your next series of visits with our team to ensure you meet all of your healing goals.

Package Details
As a patient of Resilient Roots, YOU are our priority. Your thoughts, feelings, and personal circumstances matter to us. The value of our comprehensive intake process is that it allows us the time necessary to deep-dive into your health history, uncover the true root of your symptoms, and to design a personalized treatment plan to move you to a place of wellness. As part of your intake package, you will receive approximately 8 hours of combined in-person time with our two functional medicine clinicians, working collaboratively to support you in your healing journey, as well as 4 hours of time spent by our team reviewing your medical records/questionnaires, and researching your specific questions/needs to ensure they make the most personalized and practical recommendations for you!