“This year, I'm nearly myself again. Incomparably grateful.”

This morning, as I write my latest novel with a clear and cheerful brain, I'm incredibly grateful for the medical team at Resilient Roots who completely eliminated my migraines, brain fog, and gave me back my life. The first book in the Ronan trilogy is dedicated to them. Last year, I couldn't write or stay awake or eat any food without complications. This year, I'm nearly myself again. Incomparably grateful.

I am so glad I made the commitment with Ryan as my nutritional advisor.“

“As a 55 year old female who has exercised and eaten what I thought was a healthy diet for the majority of my life, I thought I was in the best possible shape “for my age”.  I had definitely gained weight over the years, but thought it was just part of aging.  I also struggled with sleepiness everyday midday.  When Ryan approached me about working with me to optimize my health through diet and nutrition, I welcomed the opportunity because nothing I had done was helping me reduce the percentage of body fat I had.  Working with Ryan was The Best decision I Ever Made for my health.  Working with Ryan, I lost 22 pounds, brought my body fat to 25.8%, visceral fat to 6 and my scale said my age was 46!  And that happened in 9 weeks.

Ryan kept me focused, stayed enthused about the improvements and continuous drop in my weight.  I also had a ton more energy and lost the afternoon sleepiness. Ryan is thorough, interviewed me extensively before recommending a course of action, and stayed involved using apps and technology so that he knew I was following his guidance.

Almost a year and a half later, I am still at my desired weight, I continue to follow the food choices and supplements, and feel great.  Ryan’s enthusiasm, knowledge and involvement will guarantee success and make your goals a reality.  I am so glad I made the commitment with Ryan as my nutritional advisor.“

— K.L.

A standout in the field of functional medicine

“Dr. Abbott is a standout in the field of functional medicine.  He is light years ahead of his time and offers his patients a simple, affordable and effective model in a time when many clinicians get distracted by the empty promise of the newest bells and whistles.  I would confidently send my family to see him.”

-Dr. Michael Ruscio, DC