What to Expect

Our Intake Process

We believe that the therapeutic relationship requires trust and commitment from all involved. We value your time, resources, and health concerns. We strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable and confident in working with our collaborative care team.
Discovery Call

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is a 20-minute phone call where you will speak to a Resilient Roots team member about your reasons for seeking our services and your current capacity to partner with us to restore or maintain your health. Our team member will call you at the number you provide to help explain how Resilient Roots may be able to help, answer your questions, and discuss the next steps to take if you desire to schedule your Initial Consultation visit. This is an informational call for you and for us. We understand our approach is unique, and we want you to feel confident in your choice to partner with our clinic.

Rob with a patient

Comprehensive Intake

Initial Consultation Visits with Dr. Abbott and Emily Fair, MS
Laboratory Testing and Case Review
Treatment Support Check-in Call
Initial Follow-Up Visits with Dr. Abbott/Dr. Tillas and Emily Fair, MS

The Comprehensive Intake provides a truly unique new patient experience with collaboration between our medical and nutritional providers. Following a thorough assessment process, our team provides targeted recommendations, helping patients create a robust foundation from which they can build over time with on-going support through as-needed follow-up visits. As part of the Comprehensive Intake, our team will create a personalized and detailed report of our clinical findings and offer nutritional recommendations, therapeutic supplementation, and lifestyle recommendations to improve or optimize your health.

Investment: $1,490


The Pediatric Wellness Consultation includes:

Pediatric Health History, Questionnaire, and Dietary Journal Review
1, 45-minute Consultation with a Resilient Roots Medical Provider (Dr. Abbott or Dr. Tillas)
1, 45-minute Consultation with a Resilient Roots Nutrition/Lifestyle Practitioner
A Personalized Protocol and Accompanying Resources for your Child

Through the Functional Medicine Pediatric Wellness Consultation, you will establish care for your child (infant or adolescent) with our team at Resilient Roots.

While the consultation visits are not a replacement for your child’s pediatrician, our team will offer personalized guidance to support your child’s thriving and allow them to stay healthy, robust, and resilient. As part of the consultation visits, our medical and nutrition providers will get to know your child’s unique health history as well as any current concerns and offer personalized, functional guidance. After reviewing your child’s history, our medical team will suggest if laboratory testing or other specialty care may be required.

Investment: $800